Remembering Spice

Spice and her calico coatSpice, an enchanting mix of Papillon and Pomeranian, was a strikingly pretty redhead who flaunted a luxurious, calico-colored fur coat.

Spice scattered joy every day of her life, everywhere she went. With her bright, expressive eyes and a black, button nose she claimed was made of licorice, she turned heads, sparked smiles and made friends fast. She was a pint-sized conversation piece, an ‘It girl’ who delighted in being adorable and adored.

Above all else, Spice was a good-natured and sensitive little soul, a lovely and loving companion, and a trustworthy friend.

Spice bathingLike most dogs, she enjoyed being kissed, hugged, petted, bathed, blow-dried and fussed over as well as sitting in her Mommie's lap, snoozing in her Mommie’s bed, riding in the car and taking leisurely walks in Lambertville – especially along George Street.

Unlike most dogs, she wasn’t crazy for treats, and the only toy she ever cared for was a small, black-and-white cloth ball – her 'baw-dee' as it was pronounced in SpiceSpeak. Like Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts character Linus van Pelt and his blanket, Spice and her baw-dee were inseparable from the time she was 12 weeks old. She carried it around the house all day. At night, she would often fall asleep with it in her mouth. Constant use and repeated stitching over the years left it more mushroom-shaped than round. Indeed, it didn’t roll anymore; it plopped. But Spice didn’t mind. It was her most prized possession, and when it needed a good washing, her Mommie always prayed that the Whirlpool would have mercy on it. Spice bequeathed her cherished baw-dee to her Mommie. Spice and her baw-dee

Born in Arizona on February 26, 2000, she was eight weeks old when she was offered for sale in a classified ad in the Arizona Republic. Living without clean water in a filthy, outdoor pen on the grounds of a fly-infested horse farm in Sun City, Ariz., she was covered with fleas and ticks, dehydrated and so sick that the Scottsdale veterinarian who examined her the next morning initially feared she was suffering from deadly parvovirus.

Spice was very young when a veterinarian detected a heart murmur, and she was later diagnosed with chronic valvular disease, a heart condition common in toy and small breeds. Throughout her life, she endured a string of health challenges.

A Lambertville resident for nearly a decade, Spice considered herself privileged to live in such a charming town where so many people have dogs, and everybody loves them.

She was a summa cum laude graduate of homeschooling and earned a bachelor's degree in napping, a master's degree in being pampered and a doctorate in unconditional love. She took great pride in her successful career as an ambassador of goodwill and was tickled pink to realize her dream of being 'Miss October' in the 2012 Dog Days of Lambertville calendar.

Spice died on May 19, 2012, at the age of 12. She is missed every day.

Spice's Fund, established in her memory, celebrates her happy life by helping other dogs and cats who are loved as much as she will always be.