About Us

Darlene and SpiceIf a dog can be a soulmate, Spice was mine. She was a sweet little girl who brought immeasurable joy to my life, and I loved her more than anything in this world.

She had a happy life, but she also endured some health challenges. She had chronic valvular heart disease and a congenital defect in her tiny knees. Twice she needed costly surgery. I know firsthand how it feels to cope with the serious illness of a beloved pet and what it means to face veterinary bills totaling thousands of dollars.

As she approached the age of 11, I needed a veterinarian who would genuinely care about helping me give Spice a good quality of life during her senior years. A smart friend recommended Lambertville Animal Hospital. What I found there was not one but two outstanding veterinarians, Dr. Jessica S. Greendorfer, Ph.D., DVM, and Dr. Andrew Greendorfer, DVM. Their busy practice also is blessed with a kind, knowledgeable and hardworking staff. Spice received excellent care there.

photo-brickIn the days after Spice's death, I wrote a newspaper-style obituary and requested memorial contributions be made to Lambertville Animal Hospital to help other people's pets. I shared the obituary with friends and neighbors who knew Spice best. They responded generously. So did other folks in our community. Those dollars were used judiciously and helped save the lives of several companion animals, including Karen Uckermark's precious boy Schatz. You can read more about them on our home page.

It soon made sense to take the charitable effort much further to provide the transparency and accountability contributors expect and deserve. Spice's Fund is now a nonprofit corporation registered with the state of New Jersey. 

Please support Spice's Fund today.

Heartfelt thanks,

Darlene J. Yuhas
Founder & President

Our Mission

The mission of Spice's Fund is to raise money to provide financial assistance to eligible pet parents who cannot afford the critical care or life-saving veterinary services their dogs and cats desperately need.

Spice's Fund is a New Jersey nonprofit corporation. We depend entirely on the energy and enthusiasm of volunteers and on dollars and in-kind contributions from fellow animal lovers and others in our community and beyond.

It is our goal to direct 100 percent of the dollars donated to veterinary treatment. We are committed to finding creative, cost-free ways to raise money and to promote greater awareness of Spice's Fund.


Pet parents who need help from Spice's Fund must formally request financial assistance by completing a simple, one-page form following Lambertville Animal Hospital's diagnosis of a life-threatening medical condition. Financial assistance to an eligible applicant will not exceed $1,000. 

To qualify, you must be:

  • A resident of Lambertville, N.J., or New Hope, Pa.*
  • Legal parent of the pet for at least six months.
  • Unable to meet the cost of the pet's veterinary care.

* Some assistance might be provided to pet parents in other locations, depending on circumstances and availability of funds.

Our Officers

Darlene J. Yuhas
Founder & President
Darlene established Spice's Fund to honor the happy life of her little dog and to help save the lives of companion animals already in their loving, forever homes. She began her writing and editing career as a newspaper journalist and learned quickly that reasonable persistence pays off. That lesson, indelibly etched in her mind, will prove priceless as she works to fulfill the mission of Spice's Fund.

Louis P. Loforte
Vice President
When you need help with important work, ask a busy man. So that's what we did, and we were delighted when Lou graciously agreed to serve as our vice president. Owner emeritus of Falzone Financial Services in Hamilton Township, Lou has a wealth of knowledge and experience in operating nonprofit and volunteer service organizations such as Kiwanis and the United Way. His other prized assets include a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is style and a very big heart for animals.

Elaine C. Makatura
Parochial school prodded Elaine to pursue perfect penmanship, and now she has the most captivating cursive we've ever seen. But it's her long career in public service, her listening and comprehension skills and her commitment to accuracy and attention to detail that make her uniquely qualified to tackle the duties of secretary. She puts to good use her communications and organizational experience to maintain, manage and secure our important records, including meeting minutes, financial reports and bylaws. Elaine loves all animals, especially cats, and devotes time and considerable money to providing food and shelter to felines who need homes.

Eric E. Wachter
One word best describes Eric's approach to managing money: fastidious. He's frugal, too. Those are two of the traits we really needed and donors deserve in a treasurer. Eric wields a rather large magnifying glass in tracking every penny donated and disbursed. Eric shares our commitment to transparency and accountability, and it's our good fortune that he is willing to volunteer his time and talent to help Spice's Fund succeed. At one time or another, Eric's childhood home housed a menagerie of pets: cats, chickens, dogs, fish, geese, goats, guinea hens, hamsters, horses, rocks, sheep and snakes. Oh my!